30-something woman shopping for clothes

Embrace your 30s with fun and flirty, yet sophisticated style.

Siri Stafford/ThinkStock

For women in their 30s, having a good sense of style is very important. For many of us, this is a time when our careers are taking off, we have more purchasing power than ever before, and we're at least flirting with the idea of settling down. This naturally leads to smarter, somewhat more sophisticated choices when it comes to fashion.

Most women in their 30s have a hard time pulling off the 20-something trends we loved so much during our college days. And why should we try? We're in a new phase of our life, so our clothes should be right there with us. Of course, most of us would still like to achieve some sense of glamour -- we do want to look fabulous when joining our friends for a night out. So, what's a 30-something girl to do? Simple -- step into the beautiful world of grown-up style.