Introduction to 10 Fashion Staples you Should Own now that You're a Mom
Heidi Klum, Seal

Model Heidi Klum, out with her family in New York, proves you can be stylish while being a mom.

Soul Brother/Film Magic/Getty Images

Timeless fashion looks effortless. It's anything but.

No new mom simply zips to the nearest department store and leaves with an armful of wardrobe staples to see her through the next few time-consuming years. The truth is, setting up a closet full of stunning clothes takes a series of deliberate searches.

Investing in fashion staples doesn't relegate your choices to khaki and black, either. It simply means building a foundation that can handle a few trendy additions each season. And, you can avoid subverting your glamorous self as you reconcile the time it takes to parent your baby genius with a very real drive to retain your signature style.

Thankfully, after you've shopped your way through our short list of wardrobe must-haves, you'll be in good standing. These classics are always in season.