Animal-friendly Fashion

Many of today's young celebrities and designers object to clothing or accessories made from animal products. The designer Stella McCartney offers an entire line of vegan clothes and shoes. And actress Natalie Portman also recently launched her own collection of vegan shoes.

OK, this might be a controversial choice for this list, but hear us out. Everyone knows that fur isn't a popular choice for the animal rights advocates among us. The fur for clothing and coats is sometimes procured in very unethical and disturbing ways. Also, in many circles, wearing fur is considered a no-no. But even if you're not particularly interested in animal rights, chances are you don't live in an area that's so cold you can only get by with a fur coat. If you love the look of fur, you can find lots of faux fur coats and trim today, some so good no one will know whether it's real or fake. Faux fur is also much cheaper than real. So it's a win-win!