Acid-washed Jeans
Corset Piercing

Well, we thought we had seen it all -- but now we take that back. Apparently, some people have decided that the pain of an actual corset isn't enough for them, and they've started piercing their own backs and lacing ribbons through the holes. We have no words.

We were going to start this blurb with a short note of thanks that acid-washed jeans are one terrible '80s fad that have not yet graced us with a comeback. But we've been forced to eat our words. A quick Google search revealed a plethora of acid-washed atrocities for sale -- and from the looks of it, the engineers of this dastardly new trend are targeting poor, innocent children and teens. What parent who lived through the '80s would buy a pair of purple acid-washed skinny jeans for his or her son? We don't know, but if we find out, we're reporting you to the authorities.