Platform Sneakers
Long Live McQueen

The ridiculously high foot creations in Alexander McQueen's 2010 spring collection probably won't be catching on with the masses anytime soon. We'd like to watch someone try to get through the day in the 10-inch, bejeweled lobster-claw shoes.

There's nothing wrong with platform shoes -- we're all for being stylish and achieving a much taller look at the same time. In fact, we'd dare to say that every woman should have a nice platform wedge in her closet. But platform sneakers? Nah -- not so much. There's really no way to pull off a platform sneaker without looking like you should also be wearing a curly orange wig and a red plastic nose. They might have had their place among sixth-graders (or ravers) in 1992, but this is one trend that should stay firmly in the past.