The girl on the right is rolling her pant legs up for her canyon hike -- but when she celebrates her accomplishment with a night on the town, she'll want to switch to her flared, dark jeans.

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There's a reason why jeans remain a fashion staple, as well as a part of the American culture -- the right pair will make anyone look and feel long, lean and ready for the world. But there's a method to choosing the right jeans for your body, and jeans that look adorable on the rack may not be flattering once you put them on. Knowing your body and how to find the right pair of jeans for you will make the difference between wearing your jeans and rocking your jeans.

Fashion experts divide women's figures into specific body types. These types have geometric names such as "diamond-shaped," "rectangular" and "full-rounded," as well as names that compare them to common objects, like a pear or an hourglass. The inverted triangle is one of these body types, and it features broad shoulders and smaller hips. Each body type has its own special requirements for garments to help achieve the well-proportioned look that people yearn for. The cut of a jean, as well as the style and use of features like pockets, embellishments or wash, can make denim an asset or a liability to your wardrobe.

When you're deciding which jeans are right for you, you need to know what your goals are. For inverted triangle body types, the goals are usually to add volume around the hips and rear end, minimize the shoulders, and define the waist. Once you know what you're asking of your jeans, you need to know what characteristics will help you get there. Once you've found the perfect pair of jeans, a confident strut will just come naturally.

Pocket or no pocket? Boot cut or skinny? Read on to learn what types of jeans are best for the inverted triangle.