Charles Gullung/Getty Images


By the time most women hit 30, their closets are home to an expanding collection of dresses they'll never wear again: from proms, college formals, and, of course, past bridesmaid duties. (Note to brides: no matter how great your taste is, it's still a bridesmaid's dress.)

This season, take your cue from Alter Eco's Angela Lindvall, who hosted Fashion Week's Be Eco Chic show in an upcycled DKNY pleated crepe de chine dress: a former floor-length trimmed to miniskirt proportions and filled out with some tulle. If you don't have Lindvall's supermodel legs (and really, who does?) just find a length that flatters your gams and either hem it at home or take it to your local tailor. Voila: even that black-tie evening gown your best friend made you buy can find a new life.