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Affordable Style

Affordable style is an inexpensive way to improve your wardrobe. Get tips and ideas about affordable style.

Finding a Bathing Suit That Won't Break the Bank

It's tough enough to find a swimsuit that flatters your figure. But finding one that's affordable, too? Now, that's a challenge.

10 Affordable Fall Fashion Finds

These affordable fall fashion finds help you look trendy without breaking the bank. See how to get the latest styles for less with fall fashion finds. See more »

Finding a Bathing Suit That Won't Break the Bank

Finding a bathing suit that won't break the bank isn't as difficult as you think. Learn about finding a bathing suit that won't break the bank. See more »

Clothing Rental: Rent Some Style

Cothing rental can let you dress like a celebrity on a average-Jane dime. Learn all about clothing rental. See more »

Could sustainable fashion let you wear the same dress for a year?

Sustainable fashion isn't something you have to buy -- you can create it yourself. Learn about sustainable fashion and how to wear a dress for a year. See more »

Thrift Store Shopping Tips

Thrift store shopping is a growing trend for fashion bargain shoppers. Learn the science behind thrift store shopping with these money-saving tips. See more »