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Women tend to love perfume--myself included. It makes sense that we love it so much. The fragrance is typically derived from some of the most beautiful things on the planet. However, like most commercial goods, producing and manufacturing perfumes takes up quite a bit of energy. In addition to energy, the bottles--whether plastic or glass--also require resources and energy to produce. Then you have to figure in the gas spent in transporting the perfume from the factory to your local store and from your local store to your home. It seems like such a simple thing, but if more women opted to make their own perfumes, not only would they save money, but they'd also help save the environment.

So why not make your own?

Here's a basic, organic recipe for perfume.

You need:

2 cups of water

1 cup of chopped flower blossoms


Place a cloth over a bowl tightly. Place your flower blossoms on the cloth and pour the water over the flowers. Cover this and let is sit over night. In the morning, squeeze the flowers through the cloth. Pour the water in the bowl into a pot and let it simmer until you've only got a teaspoon or two left. Store this in a small bottle and it'll be good to use as perfume for about a month.

You can vary your scent by carefully selecting the type of flower petals you use.

Not only does this recipe save money and help the environment, but it is also fun!

This post was inspired by Hollywood Green.