flip flop

Flip-flops are a summer staple, but check with your workplace dress code before you wear them into the office.

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When the snow melts and the spring rains subside, it's time to put away those Ugg boots and thick socks and show off your tootsies. To be clear, we define sandals as anything that shows the majority of your foot -- and often the toes. Sandals keep your feet cool and sweat-free when the temp is warm by allowing air to circulate around them. Yep, it's sandal season! Are you ready?

Types of Sandals

Zappos.com lists more than 15,000 different kinds of women's sandals [source: Zappos]. High-heeled, low-heeled, wedge, thong, gladiator -- how do you choose? First of all, decide on the sandal occasion. Do you need sandals for work? For a fancy event, like a wedding? Casual sandals to wear to the farmer's market? Flip-flops for the beach? Athletic, water-resistant sandals? If you're like us, you probably want a pair for every occasion!

You can find sandals in just about every color, too. Of course there's the basic brown and black, but look a little harder and you'll find sandals to match any outfit or fashion whim -- in orange, blue, yellow, green.

Are sandals always appropriate?

Just because it's sandal season, doesn't mean sandals are always appropriate attire. If you're unsure about whether to wear sandals for a certain event, a good rule of thumb is to stay away from any casual sandal. Think closed-toe with open backs, or open-toe with closed backs -- not both and definitely not a flip-flop. And remember, some workplaces don't allow sandals -- so check your company dress code before you saunter in wearing your favorite thongs. Your office might allow certain types of sandals, or, for safety reasons, may not allow any sort of open-toed shoe at all.

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