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Shoes guard your soft, little dogs from the elements. They keep your feet warm in the winter and dry in the spring. You really got to hand it to shoes. Shoes, like all things, will wear out. But you can extend their life by learning to resole them. Resoling shoes is a green way to make your shoes last. Here's how...

What You'll Need:

- Half Soles

- Utility Knife

- File

- Shoe Repair Contact Cement

- Feet

1. Buy a half soles for your shoes. Make sure they are the right size and a matching or favorable color. You can find half soles at local shoe repair stores or online.

2. Clean the soles thoroughly. Wipe away all debris. Let wet shoes dry.

3. Take the utility knife. Cut off the old soles.

4. Pick up the file. Scuff the area where you want the shoes to adhere. This will create grip between the old shoes and the new soles.

5. If the new half soles are not self-sticking, you will need shoe repair contact cement. Apply the glue as per its instructions. Stick the half sole to the shoe. Make sure the soles are on straight. You don't want cockeyed heels. Otherwise you'll find yourself back at step one.

6. Put shoes on and stomp around. This will help the new heel tighten its bonds.

7. Use the knife and the file to cut away any lumps or overlaps. It can also get rid of any glue bubbles that may have dribbled down the shoes.

8. Wear shoes as directed.