Stuart Weitzman Diamond Dream Stilettos
diamond dream stilettos

The Diamond Dream stilettos worn by Anika Noni Rose at the 2007 Oscars feature 30 carats worth of diamonds.

Vince Bucci/Getty Images

If diamonds really are a girl's best friend, these shoes must have walked right out of one of Marilyn Monroe's dreams. Created for the 2007 Oscars and the feet of "Dreamgirls" actress, Anika Noni Rose, Stuart Weitzman's Diamond Dream stilettos are delicate but scream glamour! The shoes, valued the least expensive of the famous designers Oscar creations at $500,000, are studded with 1,420 diamonds. The sandal-style stilettos feature two bands of diamond-encrusted circles at the top of each foot, inspired by the timeless circles collection from Kwiat (rhymes with "Fiat") diamonds where the 30 carats were purchased. The shoes also have a simple silver band across the toes, adding to the delicateness of these sparkly creations. You won't be able to take your eyes off of them.