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Fabric sacs used for flour, rice, birdseed and bulk grains make for fantastic cross-body bags. Sure, designers have used sacks to make pillows, but why go to so much trouble? Think about it: The bag is already made, so all you really need to do is attach a strap! But don't just go buy a strip of nylon from your local fabric store. Look around your home for tons of inventive options.

- Use a thin, gauzy scarf for a stunning boho look. Gather or fold the ends together and sew them to the sack, leaving at least six inches of one end to billow down the side of the bag. The scarf should be able to bunch or fan out over your shoulder.

- For a nautical look, fit the bag with grommets and attach thick sailing rope.

- If you want something edgy, sew an old belt to the bag. Use an industrial gauge needle on your sewing machine or head to a tailor—it shouldn't cost more than a couple of bucks, and it'll be guaranteed to stay put.

- Swipe the guitar strap from your mom's old acoustic that's just collecting dust in the attic—it'll add a vintage vibe to any outfit.

- Have some wide ribbon left over from a gift? It's the perfect strap—just remember it's a little more fragile, so you'll need to be careful fastening it. Use the zigzag stitch, and sew our to six rows for visual effect and extra strength.

- Sew on a skinny necktie for a hip look. I like black, but stick to a solid color and it'll be a knockout.

- Going with a sporty look is easy: Appropriate a strap from a duffel or gym bag that has worn out.

If a sack bag just isn't your thing, check out this fantastic Feed Sack Flower Trug project from Crafting A Green World.

Cara Smusiak writes on behalf of Naturally about how to live a more natural, organic and green lifestyle.