These gloves just got taken to the next level, thanks to the Naughty Secretary Club.

Jennifer Perkins/

One of my favorite craft blogs out there is Naughty Secretary Club, written by author and craft-preneur Jennifer Perkins. This month Jennifer posted a delightful craft idea for your old gloves, which you can turn around and give as gifts, or wear all by your fashionable self. Because who doesn't want fancy hands?

Check out these upcycled craft ideas for your gloves below, then head to Naughty Secretary Club for the whole post.

1. Give your gloves the Texas treatment

By which I mean paint on some big, gaudy fingernails. Jennifer shows us how to use Tulip Soft Fabric Paint to create tacky-happy tips, and Fabric Fusion Glue to add on a ring. Just because your fingers are covered doesn't mean you can't show off some bling.

2. Get stencil sassy

Don't let baby nursery walls have all the fun. Pick out some smallish shapes, and put those paint stencils to use right on top of your gloves. Just grab your fabric paint, Tulip Sticky Fabric Stencil and Tulip Fashion Glitter, and go to town with different designs. (Thanks again to Naughty Secretary Club for the recommended sites!)

3. When all else fails, dye

White gloves are just the worst, am I right? They pick up dirt. They get dingy. They attract all manner of pen ink. If you've got white gloves on-hand, kiss their lily hue goodbye with Tulip One Step Fashion Dye. You can even show that leaky pen what's what, and dye your gloves the same color as a jarring glove stain. Because if there is anyone who knows who to work with life's messes, it is you: A genius crafter.