Knee-high Socks
Who Knew?

Every spring and fall, the Pantone Fashion Institute (aided by a team of "industry gurus") presents a list of the top 10 fashion colors. So what should we be wearing this fall? An array of rich, jewel-like tones, including Golden Glow, Lipstick Red and Chocolate Truffle. (P.S.: The color of the year for 2010 is turquoise.)

Finally, a fall trend that won't break the bank! Yes, we suppose you could spring for Prada's chunky cable-knit socks, but you'd be equally styling in a pair of knee-highs from American Apparel or J. Crew (and you could probably afford five more pairs while you're at it).

Knee-highs aren't just fiscally fashionable, they're incredibly versatile, too. They look great with heels, boots, flats, dresses, shorts, skirts -- pretty much whatever.

We're not so sure about the toeless versions, though …