Brown Leather Belt
Revenge of the Nerds

Once the exclusive property of nearsighted nerds and hipper-than-thou indie rockers, thick-framed Buddy Holly glasses have officially crossed over into fashionista land. Both male and female models have been spotted strutting the runways in these strangely out-of-place-looking specs.

If you're planning to work the bohemian-chic look this fall (which is still very in, by the way), have we got an accessory for you: A wide brown leather belt will be your best friend. And we're not talking the cinched, high-waisted version that we've been seeing for the past couple of years.

These of-the-moment boho belts are meant to be slung over your hips. They're the perfect companion for ruffled peasant shirts, flowing prairie skirts and perfectly faded jeans. And don't ruin it by trying to be matchy-matchy with your shoes or boots -- it's OK to mix up colors and textures.