fur hat

Fur accessories -- real and fake -- were a hot item at almost all of the 2010 fall fashion shows.


If fashionistas took one loud-and-clear message from the 2010 fall fashion shows, it was that fur is back -- in a big way. There were plenty of (both real and fake) fur coats and jackets on the runways, of course, but don't fret if you don't have the funds for a full-length mink. Accessories were where this trend really hit home. You name it, it was trimmed in fur -- handbags, boots, scarves, collars, hats, even watches, necklaces and stiletto sandals.

Oh, and look out, reptiles -- fur wasn't the only animal product being paraded around on the catwalks. "You couldn't go anywhere this season without seeing an exotic [skin], be it lizard, python, crocodile or mock," says Candy Pratts Price, executive fashion director of Style.com [source: Style.com].

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