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Teens and Tweens

Adolescence can be a tricky time, both for parents struggling to understand their children’s issues and for teens and tweens attempting to forge their new identities. Learn how to understand your teenagers in these articles.

Can you trust your adolescent?

Trust is earned by behavior. Learn whether you can trust your adolescent in this article.

As long as the camp still accepts teenagers who are your teen's age, you don't have to worry about what age they should stop going to camp. Learn when teens should stop going to camp from this article. See more »

Teens may want to work, but they don't always know how to look for a job. Learn where you can find babysitting jobs for your teen in this article. See more »

The Internet is an open arena if you don't restrict access to your personal information and personal spaces. Learn who can see your teen's blog in this article. See more »

Who to go to if your teen is bullied depends on many factors. Learn about who you should go to if your teen is being bullied in this article. See more »

If your teen pays for his own car insurance, it will be an incentive to drive safely. Learn about who should pay for your teen's car insurance from this article. See more »

It's recommended that parents do not pay for their teen's car. Learn about who should pay for your teen's car from this article. See more »

It's almost a synonym: teen equals liar. Find out why teens lie in this article. See more »

Social development is an important part of being a teen. Learn what to do if your teen doesn't have any friends in this article. See more »

Parents have to make rules and set limits before giving their teen the car keys. Learn what to do about teens drinking in your child's car in this article. See more »

It isn't easy to teens when they are often incommunicative. Learn about some talking techniques to talk to your teen in this article. See more »