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5 Strategies for Helping Teens Cope with Bullying

Bullying has never been a laughing matter.
Bullying has never been a laughing matter.

Bullying has never been a laughing matter. Kids (and adults) have been dealing with the classic abusive power imbalance since, it seems, the beginning of time. Most have survived and come out stronger for it.

But a few have not, and recent extraordinary examples of that have brought a whole new level of attention to the problem of bullying, which has been taken up a notch in the Internet age of 24/7 socializing. For some, that means 24/7 bullying, and for parents it means higher stakes in helping their kids deal with the problem before it gets completely out of hand.

Here, five ways a parent (or any adult) can intervene to help a bullying victim find a way out, or at least a way through, this type of peer abuse.

The first strategy is simply to recognize that bullying is going on -- which is not always a simple task.

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