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10 DIY Projects for Your Tween

Get your kids off the couch and into creativity!
Get your kids off the couch and into creativity!
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Studying is a great way for your tween to develop discipline, and computer games are an entertaining diversion that helps to engage motor and problem-solving skills, but nothing beats real world craft projects for harnessing a child's creative energy.

A little glue, wood scraps, Styrofoam, paint, ribbon, fabric and glitter can be the building blocks of a lifelong passion for sewing, woodworking or interior design. But that's not all. Teaching kids to "make" instead of just "buy" shows them that they can control the process as well as the outcome. It's an invaluable lesson you'll be glad they learned early.

These 10 DIY (do-it-yourself) projects are kid-friendly and won't cost a fortune.

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