Let Your Toddler Discover His Own Interests
Did You Know?

The Montessori method of teaching emphasizes self-education though exploration and curiosity. Children in Montessori schools are encouraged to follow their own pursuits and interests and learn by doing instead of listening. There are more than 5,000 Montessori schools in the United States and more than 17,000 worldwide.

Playing with crayons may be more stimulating than practicing the alphabet, but just as every artist needs to know how to spell and sign his name, every child needs a little guidance -- especially at home.

Sure, your kid's habit of uninterrupted floor wandering may teach him that the cat is soft and Daddy's shoes smell funny, but if left completely to his own devices, he may also find a wall socket.

Let your kid be himself and discover the world on his own terms, but don't be afraid to step and take charge in when necessary.