Mother pushing baby in stroller

Exercising can reduce tension and give you more energy to keep up with your energetic children.

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In addition to giving you the physical endurance necessary to chase your children around all day, exercise has a number of other health benefits. Working up a sweat releases endorphins and neurotransmitters that regulate and lift your mood, potentially staving off some of the effects of parental anxiety and frustration [source: Mayo Clinic: Anxiety].

In addition, many scientists think that exercise may physically change the brain, making it more stress-resistant [source: Reynolds]. Exercise, a positive physical stress on the brain, may prepare the structures of the brain for more negative, psychological stresses -- such as when your kid gets sent to the principal's office at school. So, renew that gym membership, buy a few fitness DVDs or start turning that daily dog walk into a run. Your grey matter will thank you.