Ask for Help
Grandfather feeding baby

Calling the grandparents in for some quality time with the grandkids can give you a short break to relax.

Stockbyte/Getty Images

When you're lost in the woods of parenting, it may be easy to believe that you're totally isolated -- and that no one gets where you're coming from. Asking for help can be hard sometimes. Living in a fast-paced culture puts an emphasis on being able to juggle all the demands of parenthood -- from changing diapers to giving driving lessons.

However, parental stress is a universal issue, and most parents can understand the need to take a breather. So don't be afraid to ask for help. Book a babysitter so you can have some worry-free time to run errands. Enlist the grandparents so you can take a parents-only vacation. Or put out a distress call to your best friend for a vent session over coffee. You might be surprised at how willing other people may be to help you out if you just ask.