Keep Them Busy
Coach with kids' soccer team

Sending your child to an extracurricular activity can benefit him in addition to giving you a temporary break.

Lori Adamski Peek/Getty Images

Look into enrolling your kids in after-school programs, weekend day camps or other fun activities at places you trust. The right activity could give your kids a lasting interest in a fun hobby, an appreciation for the great outdoors or a new best friend. It'll also allow you to take a temporary break from many of your parenting responsibilities for a few hours.

Check out the offerings from your local school district, library, zoo, parks department or children's museum. Local newspapers or parenting magazines may also run features on summer activities that might otherwise go overlooked. The American Camp Association's Web site also offers an extensive directory of camps for just about any age group and interest [source: American Camp Association]. Or, just ask around.