#1: Parenthood is the Hardest Thing You'll Ever Do -- But It's Worth It
What are the cons of being a new parent in midlife?
The cons of being a new parent later in life include having less energy for your kids, concerns about being alive to see your children grow up, and a growing schism between you and your children due to a difference in relevant values. Learn about the cons of being a new parent later in life in this article Read more »

People probably told you that parenthood would change your life and that it would be hard, but you probably didn't know just how hard. When everyone in the grocery store stares as your toddler throws a fit or you've been taking care of a feverish, vomiting kid all night, it might be hard to remember that parenthood is a gift. But then you'll see the sleeping, beautiful baby or your child draws a picture of a giant, smiling stick-figure mom with a red crayon heart and you'll remember.

With a new, vulnerable little person in your life, you're going to want to take on the whole world -- and anyone else who dares encroach on his or her happiness. But you can't do everything or control everything. You can only do your best, and the rest of the time you just have to take a deep breath and let go.