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For Moms and Dads

Balancing work, parenting and relationships is no easy task. How about a little "you-time," Mom and Dad? Lose the guilt and get some thoughts on how to care for yourself.

8 Stay-at-Home Mom Success Tips

Every mom approaches her work life differently and every family has different needs and challenges. Here are a few words of advice for anyone mulling over what to do.

Are stay-at-home moms more depressed?

It's no surprise that a 2012 Gallup study found stay-at-home moms nothing like June Cleaver in "Leave it to Beaver." There were some eye-opening facts discovered about the mental state of full-time caregivers compared to their working counterparts. See more »

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5 Tips for the Stay-at-Home Mom Transition

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Can Scented Pillow Inserts Help You Sleep Better?

If you've never tried scented pillow inserts, you may be missing out on a better night's sleep. See more »

How to Maximize Your Limited 'Me' Time

Make sure your 'me' time is stress-free, relaxing and productive. See more »

An Essential Chart for Feeling Better with Aromatherapy

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Treat Yourself with Scented Nail Polish

Make your manicure even more luxurious with scented nail polish. See more »

10 Great Hobbies for Busy Moms

Fun, productive, and satisfying hobbies that can be enjoyed in short bursts of time. See more »

What's That Amazing New Baby Scent — and Can You Recreate It?

Everyone knows newborn babies smell amazing, but can you recapture that scent once they start growing up? See more »