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Expectant Parents

If you've got a child on the way, be prepared for a lot of change in your life. These articles for expectant parents will help you get ready.

5 Amazing Surrogacy Stories

Would you trust a complete stranger to carry and give birth to your own child? Plenty of people have said yes -- and some of these surrogate stories are truly amazing.

Hollywood Baby Bump Gallery

Hollywood baby bumps get a lot of attention these days. Browse pictures of the most-watched Hollywood baby bumps. See more »

10 Most-watched Celebrity Baby Bumps

Celebrity baby bumps attract a lot of press. Find out who tops our list of the top 10 most-watched celebrity baby bumps. See more »

Are there any pregnancy tips for dads?

Learn if there are any pregnancy tips for dads in this article. Visit HowStuffWorks Family to learn if there are any pregnancy tips for dads. See more »

10 Things Not to Say to a Pregnant Woman

There are some things you should not say to a pregnant woman. Avoid awkwardness and insults with our list of 10 things not to say to a pregnant woman. See more »

5 Amazing Surrogacy Stories

Even if you've heard a few stories of surrogate mothers before, these will knock your socks off. Check out 5 amazing surrogacy stories at TLC Family. See more »

5 Questions You Were Afraid to Ask About Surrogacy

Have questions about surrogacy? Get answers to 5 questions you were afraid to ask about surrogacy. See more »

Pregnant and Traveling? What You Should Know

Pregnant and traveling? A few precautions will see you through your trip safely. Read what you should know when you're pregnant and traveling. See more »

Sharing the News: A Sibling's Expected

Sharing the news that a sibling's expected ensures that they'll be ready for the change. Learn about sharing the news that a sibling's expected. See more »