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Child Development

Understanding child development will help prepare you for each stage of your child's growth and maturation. Read up on child development in these articles.

How To Discipline A Child

Some children are hyperactive and pose greater challenges to their parents. But all should be accepted and loved, and parents should remember to show proper guidance or discipline. Read about how to discipline a child.

Could Too Much Screen Time Mean Obesity or Cancer?

You can add exposure to artificial light to the long list of factors that may affect your body mass index — and maybe even cause cancer. See more »

What is parental alienation syndrome?

When children say they don't want to see one of their parents, the question sometimes arises whether the other parent has taught them to say that. Learn about parental alienation syndrome in this article. See more »

What are Erik Erikson's stages of human development?

There are life lessons to learn during each stage of human development. Learn about Erik Erikson's stages of human development in this article. See more »

What are the child development milestones?

Children's development is often measured by milestones, like learning to walk or getting their first teeth. What are the recognized milestones, and how can you identify them in your child? See more »

When should a child be tested for ADHD?

Inattentiveness, fidgeting, disorganization and aggressive behavior are all symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD. Many parents worry about it when they start seeing signs of the condition, but when should a child have testing for ADHD? See more »

What are Piaget's stages of cognitive development?

Jean Piaget was fascinated by the human mind -- especially the way it matures from the reflexive reactions of an infant to the complex, abstract and (hopefully) logical reasoning of a preteen. Let's take a tour through the mind of a child as she develops precisely along Piaget's line of thinking. See more »

What is the zone of proximal development?

There's a gap between what a child knows and what he or she has the potential to know. How can a teacher get them from one place to the next? See more »

5 Things to Know: Family Fights

All families have their arguments and squabbles, but here we'll look at how family arguments impact kids, from models of conflict resolution to how stress effects children. See more »

Word Games for Kids

Let your inner Mark Twain out and take on these fun word games for kids. There's something for everyone. How well can you turn a phrase? Are you quick on your feet when it comes to writing on the fly? Test your word skills with these fun word games and see. See more »

How to Help a Child Who Is Having Trouble Falling Asleep

A child's sleep patterns change with age. Learn about these sleep patterns and how to help a child who is having trouble falling sleep. See more »