Get the Royal Spa Treatment


Sports aren't just for dads. Sign up to coach your kid's team and show her that women are every bit as empowered as men on and off the playing field. From T-ball to fast-pitch softball, athletic Moms know firsthand the possibilities and challenges that face female athletes. Your take-charge attitude on the field might inspire your daughter to break the glass ceiling in the corporate world.

Disney's managed to corner the market on little girls with all of those princess movies over the years. Even if your daughter is tween-aged and has outgrown her Cinderella dreams, she definitely wants to feel like a princess! Plan a girls-only spa day complete with facials, makeup application and the requisite mani-pedi combo. You can easily pull off this feat at home if a fancy-schmancy spa isn't in your budget. Or, visit the makeup counter at a department store so your daughter can experience a professional beauty treatment; surprise her by purchasing some age-appropriate cosmetics, like pressed powder and lip gloss.

At the end of your spa day, you'll both be feeling relaxed, refreshed and updated on each other's lives. Do yourselves a favor and cap it off by ordering out for dinner, or making Dad don an apron instead. You don't want to ruin your sparkling new manicure, do you?