Get Out of the House
father and son walking in the park

Head to the park with your son and the family dog in tow.


It's where you eat, sleep, play and argue. Your home is many things, but being the best place to bond with your son isn't always one of them. Sure, it's fine to sit back and watch a game together on the living room TV or teach him how to grill steaks in the backyard, but sometimes it's good to break out of a familiar setting and hit the road (even if only for a few blocks) for some bonding adventures.

Go downtown to watch the game in person, or head to the park for a jog instead of sitting on the couch. Find a good barbecue restaurant in your area in place of firing up the grill. It's not that home is a bad place for bonding -- it's just sometimes easier to share meaningful one-on-one time away from the rest of the family and that overly familiar environment.