Family Bonding

Family bonding happens naturally, but it can also be strengthened with just a bit of effort. Communication and group activities can help your family bond. In this section you'll find information and tips for strengthening your family's ties.

How to Make Your Tween Think You're Cool

Most tweens will tell you it's impossible for them to ever think of parents as cool. But the truth is many kids actually do think their parents are pretty cool. How do you win cool points with your tween?

10 Forts to Build With Kids

Every kid dreams of having the ultimate play fort. Here are 10 you can build for your child to make those dreams come true.

10 Kid-friendly Places to Volunteer

Volunteering is an excellent way to give back to the community and help others less fortunate than you. Learn about some of the best ways to make volunteering a family affair, from tiny tykes on up, by reading this article.

5 Volunteer Family Vacations

Tired of the same old beach and theme park vacations? Perhaps it's time to change things up with a more civic-minded trip!

10 Small Volunteer Acts You Can Teach Your Child Now

Parents want to instill character and compassion in their children, but how can they teach kids such values when they're so busy themselves? Here are 10 simple volunteer acts that will help make them better people.

Stepfamilies are complex and challenging, even in the best of circumstances. Learn how to bring communication into the picture with stepfamilies in this article.

Top 10 Famous and Fabulous Sister Acts

Sisters have a reputation as being as tight as two people can possibly be. They also have a reputation as having a competitive streak a mile long. So, what happens to sisters when fame is involved? Why, fabulosity, of course.

Why Your Tween Might Think You're a Loser

What happened to your sweet little child? Who replaced your sunny kid with the sullen, sarcastic tween you've got now? Don't despair -- there's a reason for all the attitude, and several easy ways to deal with it.

5 Ways to Make 'Forced Family Fun' Less Forced

You want to have pleasurable time together, but forced family fun is a bummer for everyone involved. How can you bring your favorite people together without resorting to coercion or threats of violence? We have some suggestions.

You're the Boss: 10 Limits Tweens Still Need

Your tween is changing right before your eyes. But unbridled and undirected growth can be a dangerous thing. Here's how to balance a tween's need for freedom with your desire to keep her safe and healthy

10 Ways to Change your Loser Parent Image

Is it the high-waisted jeans? The minivan? The way you talk to their friends? Something you wear, drive or do is making your kids think you're a total loser. We know better, and we'll help you update your image so they'll be proud of their cool mom.