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Bringing home a new baby is exciting, but it can also be intimidating. HowStuffWorks is here to help with tips on caring for your baby and acclimating to life with an infant.

5 Things to Know: Finding Day Care

When you find yourself faced with finding safe, quality day care, how do you begin? The first step is to determine what kind of day care your family needs.

Preparing your children, grandparents and the family pet for the arrival of a newborn can be challenging. Find out how to introduce a newborn to the family at HowStuffWorks. See more »

Baby-naming Trends

It's important for parents to have good information when deciding on a name for their baby. Learn about baby name trends and their influences. See more »

Baby Equipment Safety Tips

Safety is the first thing to consider when buying baby equipment. Follow these safety tips for everything from strollers to toys. See more »

These baby grooming techniques will help you keep your baby looking her best. Learn about baby grooming at Discovery Health. See more »

5 Ways to Enhance Your Baby's Motor Skills

Are you wondering how to enhance your baby's motor skills? Learn how to enhance a baby's motor skills at Discovery Health. See more »

Child Development: Helping Your Baby Grow and Learn

There are steps you can take in helping your child develop. Learn about helping your child develop at Discovery Health. See more »

Newborns' physical features are often very similar. Learn about newborns' physical featured at Discovery Health. See more »

What to Feed Baby, and When

Knowing what to feed the baby and when will help keep them healthy. Learn about what to feed the baby and when at Discovery Health. See more »

Common Birth Defects

Knowing about common birth defects can help you prepare for your new baby. Learn about common birth defects at Discovery Health. See more »

5 Facts About Nursing a Preemie

These five facts about nursing a preemie will help you keep her healthy. Learn facts about nursing a preemie at Discovery Health. See more »