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Bringing home a new baby is exciting, but it can also be intimidating. HowStuffWorks is here to help with tips on caring for your baby and acclimating to life with an infant.

Child Development: Helping Your Baby Grow and Learn

There is plenty that parents can do to help their baby learn and develop. Find out what role parents can play in promoting their child's growth.

5 Most Common Preemie Health Issues

When a woman gets pregnant, she expects to spend about nine months renting out her womb. But some babies don't stay quite that long. Here is a list of 5 common preemie health issues.

5 Things to Expect After Leaving the NICU

In order to help you adjust to this monumental new responsibility, we've organized a list of five things to expect after leaving the NICU.

Top 10 Movies About Newborns

The cinematic adventures of adorable newborns can provide hours of entertainment, even though none of the babies on screen are as cute as your own. These are 10 of our favorite movies about newborns.

5 Facts About Breastfeeding Twins or Multiples

These five facts about breastfeeding twins or multiples can help keep you and your babies healthy. Learn facts about breastfeeding twins or multiples.

10 Medicines Not to Give Your Baby

The wide availability of over-the-counter drugs can make them seem deceptively safe. If they're marketed as drugs for children, then they must be pretty harmless, right? Wrong. There are a number of drugs you need to be on the lookout for.

Baby Care Pictures

Have you read every baby book and magazine? Caring for a newborn is an around-the-clock job. Discover ways to bond with your baby and aid in the development of your baby's self-esteem.

10 Gadgets for Parents and Their Newborn

This isn't "Little House on the Prairie," so why did you only register for receiving blankets? Today's kids will never know what life was like before iPods and Twitter, so get them acclimated to our high-tech society while they're still in the womb.

10 Tips for Traveling with Infants

Some babies travel well and sleep through the whole trip; others can get fussy at inconvenient times. What can you do to be sure your baby's trip is smooth sailing?

Ultimate Guide to Teething

Teething is a normal, though often painful, stage all babies go through. How can you be sure that your baby's symptoms are a sign of teething, and what can you to do soothe his pain?

Top 5 Healthy Activities for Toddlers

Most likely your toddler is plenty active. It's in his or her nature. But you can still plan activities that will challenge the brain and the body and aid in development.