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Bringing home a new baby is exciting, but it can also be intimidating. HowStuffWorks is here to help with tips on caring for your baby and acclimating to life with an infant.

What to Feed Baby, and When

If your baby could talk, he'd tell you when he is hungry and when he is full, but he probably won't start communicating verbally for at least a year. Learn how to judge what to feed your baby and when with these expert tips.

Can Your Name Predict the Kind of Life You'll Lead?

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10 Most Popular Baby Names of All Time

Are you wondering what the most popular baby names of all time are? Check out the top 10 most popular baby names for boys and girls. See more »

Top 10 Most Popular Boy Names

Looking for popular boy's names? These popular boy names can give you some great ideas for a new baby. See 10 most popular boy names to get started. See more »

10 Most Unique Celebrity Baby Names

Celebrity baby names are usually more unique than average. Take a look at 10 of the most unique celebrity baby names to learn more. See more »

10 Most Popular Girl's Names

Looking for popular girl's names for a new baby? See our list of the 10 most popular girl's names to learn about baby name trends. See more »

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How to Pick the Perfect Baby Name

How do you pick the perfect baby name? Learn some of the things you should consider when picking the perfect baby name. See more »

10 Things Your Daycare Doesn't Want You to Know

There are lots of things your daycare doesn't want you to know. Find out what to look for when choosing a daycare provider. See more »

10 Things No One Tells You About Breast-feeding

The image of a nursing baby in a loving mother's arms -- the picture of warmth and love, right? Check out 10 things no one tells you about breast-feeding. See more »

10 Things to Expect in the NICU

There are many things to expect in the NICU you might not know about. Read our list of 10 Things to Expect in the NICU from Parenting here. See more »