Things Parents Should Do Before a Daughter Gets Married
mother and bride

There's more to do than simply picking out the dress.


You watched her play in the sandbox, lose her first tooth, go on her first date, graduate from high school and live on her own for the first time. Now your little girl isn't so little anymore -- and she's getting married! You're reliving the memorable moments in her life with fondness and looking forward to the days ahead as your daughter becomes a wife … and maybe even a mother.

However, as you think about all you need to do to prepare for her wedding day, you may wish you'd started planning sooner! There are a lot of items on your to-do list before your daughter ties the knot, but what are some things you can do emotionally, financially and legally to prep yourself for her big day?

We've got five must-do tasks before your daughter walks down the aisle! First up, we'll explain why money and matrimony are so closely linked.