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Adopting a child into your family can be a life-changing experience. Read about adoption in these articles.

Healthy Adoption

A healthy adoption is one where the child is placed where he or she will thrive, no matter what the medical considerations may be. How can you minimize health complications?

Healthy Adoption

A healthy adoption places a child where they will thrive. Read about adopting a healthy child and learning about your adopted child's medical needs. See more »

Adopting Abroad: Catherine's Story

Adopting abroad requires a lot of tough decisions and patience. Read Catherine's story about adopting abroad. See more »

The Ins and Outs of Financing Adoption

The ins and outs of financing adoption show how much it really costs to adopt a child. Learn the ins and outs of financing adoption. See more »

The Four Steps of Adoption

Follow the four steps of adoption to make sure you're prepared to bring home your new baby. Learn the four steps of adoption at TLC Family. See more »

Adoption and Racial Identity

Adoption and racial identity can be confusing for children. Learn about adoption and racial identity at TLC Family. See more »

The Adoption Option: How It Works and What to Expect

The adoption option is becoming an increasingly popular way to form a family. Learn how adoption works and what to expect at TLC Family. See more »