Top 5 Things to Set Aside for Children Before They're Born

These days before baby arrives is the best time to store away items to pass down later.

Andersen Ross/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Once your baby's due date finally arrives, it's like stepping into a time machine with the dial set ahead to high school graduation. It really goes that fast. Our best advice? These pre-baby days are prime time to squirrel away a few things for the future. An heirloom, whether modern or antique, is a powerful connection to your history.

Of course, you don't have to be pregnant to start waxing sentimental. If you plan to ever have a child, it simply makes sense to save a few things along the way. Not only could your keepsakes someday offer your progeny a glimpse of your family's heritage, but they could also increase in value. Of course, being sentimental can be thrifty, too. You stand to save a lot of money if you create your own heirlooms.