Things Parents Should Know: When Your Kid Goes to a New School
5 Things Parents Should Know: When Your Kid Goes to a New School

Help your child transition to a new school by maintaining clear lines of communication.


Switching to new schools and transitioning between grades can be challenging milestones for kids and teens. For younger children, the biggest hurdle to cross is often basic fear of the unknown. Children usually behave better in familiar surroundings and when they know the established routine. Being in a different school with new teachers and classmates can be a daunting prospect. Similarly, making the leap to middle or high school presents a set of challenges. During adolescence, the social scenarios of building friendships and navigating various cliques, on top of dealing with additional hormonal and behavioral shifts, can be highly stressful.

As parents, you can help alleviate your child's anxiety about attending a new school. A lot of it boils down to basic parenting principles of communication, openness and engagement. Of course, you can't hold onto sons' and daughters' hands throughout the school day to coach them along. But by encouraging them to get involved with schoolmates, focusing on their education and also making time for fun, you can ease a bumpy transition.