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When I was a kid, my parents made me play soccer. I was real bad at it. Yet, they forced me to play year after year. After every season, the coaches would have to say something nice about me at a big feed they put out for us, usually at the Pizza Hut.

"Josh," they?d say. "Well, he lives kind of far away. It's good that he showed up. It must have been real inconvenient for him."

I was a growing, uncoordinated boy and I'd require new shin guards to protect my awkward shins. My shins weren't in much danger over on the bench, but they were required.

What to do with those old shin guards? And old soccer shoes and jerseys? You want to keep them out of landfills, but reusing a shin guard can be quite the challenge. It's hard to find practical uses for old shoes. Some of these items don't seem to be easy to recycle either. Here is a solution.

You can donate your child?s old soccer gear to Peace Passers. This organization takes old soccer gear and gets that gear to less fortunate soccer players. Kids who really enjoy soccer and may not have access to proper shin guards or soccer balls.

They accept donations of jerseys, balls, shin guards and cleats. You can even make a charitable online purchase of a soccer ball, or you can donate cash money because it is your whim. In any case, all donations are tax deductible. You've helped out people in need, gotten a tax break, and you?ve kept unwanted materials out of the landfill. You are a champion. You deserve a trophy.

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