If you've got any budding Hitchcocks or Spielbergs in your family, a family movie night could be just the ticket.

Ultimate Guide to Thomas the Tank Engine

Thomas the Tank Engine is the world's most famous fictional locomotive. For more than 50 years he and his friends in the railyard have made the Island of Sodor a fascinating and educational place. Learn all the details about Thomas the Tank Engine.

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  • The Ultimate Elmo Quiz

    The Ultimate Elmo Quiz

    Elmo of "Sesame Street" is a bright red puppet with a melodic falsetto voice who has captured the hearts and imaginations of scores of children throughout the world. Test your knowledge of Elmo with this quiz. See more »

  • Who done it? Murder Mystery Quiz

    Who done it? Murder Mystery Quiz

    Have you been feeling nostalgic about the movie "Clue," which you watched 25 times as a kid? Do you think Alfred Hitchcock was the greatest filmmaker ever? Then perhaps you'll ace this quiz. See more »

  • Ultimate Guide to 'Cars'

    Ultimate Guide to 'Cars'

    A fantasy world inhabited only by cars is the setting of the Disney/Pixar collaboration "Cars." Learn about the animation process as we take you behind the scenes with director John Lasseter. See more »

  • Ultimate Guide to 'Finding Nemo'

    Ultimate Guide to 'Finding Nemo'

    'Finding Nemo' was a blockbuster movie that also set the standard for animation technology. Here is a close look at how this spectacular movie came to be. See more »

  • Ultimate Guide to 'Monsters, Inc.'

    Ultimate Guide to 'Monsters, Inc.'

    'Monsters Inc.' is one of Disney-Pixar's cleverest and best-loved animated features. Take a behind-the-scenes look at the making of this splendid film -- a combination of high-tech sparkle and heartwarming characters. See more »

  • Ultimate Guide to 'The Incredibles'

    Ultimate Guide to 'The Incredibles'

    The Incredibles' wasn't only a box-office smash hit -- it was also a technological marvel of animation. In this article we go behind the scenes to find out how 'The Incredibles' was made. Learn more about 'The Incredibles.' See more »

  • Ultimate Guide to Disney Princess

    Ultimate Guide to Disney Princess

    It started with Snow White six decades ago. Now it's an entertainment and marketing dynasty known as Disney Princess. Learn about Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine, Mulan, Pocahontas and Sleeping Beauty in this article. See more »

  • Ultimate Guide to Dora the Explorer

    Ultimate Guide to Dora the Explorer

    "Dora the Explorer" is one of the most popular television shows for preschoolers. We spoke with co-creator Valerie Walsh to find out how Dora the Explorer went from an idea to the series. See more »

  • Ultimate Guide to Elmo

    Ultimate Guide to Elmo

    Elmo joined "Sesame Street" 21 years ago, and his own "Elmo's World" segments debuted almost a decade ago -- to the delight of kids everywhere. He is now the most recognized children's character in the United States. Take a peek into Elmo's past, present and future. See more »

  • Ultimate Guide to Scooby-Doo

    Ultimate Guide to Scooby-Doo

    'Scooby-Doo' has been one of the most popular cartoons of the past four decades -- during which it's undergone many changes but kept its vital spark. Here's a look at the phenomenon that is 'Scooby-Doo.' See more »

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