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Backyard Fun Night

When the weather is nice, there's no better way to enjoy it than getting outside. Why not plan a backyard fun night with the family?

How to Set Up a Backyard Campout

Whether an alternative to proper camping or just another way to have a sleepover, backyard camping can be a fun summertime activity. What do you need to make your at-home campout a success?

10 Backyard Camping Activities

These 10 backyard camping activities can help bring the joys of the outdoors to your own home. Check out 10 backyard camping activities at HowStuffWorks Family. See more »

Rained Out? Bring the Campout Indoors

Rained out? Bring the camping indoors with these tips. Read about indoor camping activities and cooking at TLC Family. See more »

How to Set Up a Backyard Campout

Do you know how to set up a backyard campout? Read some tips on how to set up a backyard campout at TLC Family. See more »