Creative After-school Programs for Kids
student launches a rocket

When searching for an after-school program for your child, find something that will keep his or her interest. There are any number of programs available from math to music and even rockets.


Each morning, your kids go to school, and they're safely held within its confines for the next six to seven hours. But what about when that last bell rings? Many parents who work a traditional 9 to 5 day are unable to pick up their children or meet them at home until a couple of hours after the school day has ended. Not surprisingly, this can be a dangerous time for kids. It's when school-age children are most likely to have little to no supervision -- and when they are most likely to engage in unhealthy behaviors, whether using drugs and having sex or eating junk food and playing video games.

Enter after-school programs.

After-school programs aren't just glorified baby-sitters that help keep kids out of trouble; many offer well thought-out curriculums designed to improve the social, intellectual and physical skills of children and teens. So, if you're thinking of after-school programs as evening versions of "The Breakfast Club," think again as you explore these creative possibilities for your kids.