After-school Activities

After-school activities let kids learn and socialize while staying out of trouble. Plus, they show a willingness to participate in extracurricular programs. In this section, find great information about after-school activities.

After-school Fun: Making the Most of Your Kid's Time

If your kids spend most of their time in front of the TV after school, then they aren't making the most of their time. What should they do instead?

Kids Crafts That Make Great Gifts

These easy-to-craft gifts are beautiful, useful, and full of heart.

5 Fun Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Keep the kids busy on rainy days, long car trips, or at the park with these easy scavenger hunt ideas.

Edible Crafts: Tasty After-School Activities

Turn snacktime into a creativity-boosting enterprise with these good-enough-to-eat crafts.

Beyond Macaroni Necklaces: Fun Craft Projects for Kids

Think outside the box with these creative crafts for kids.

How to Make After-school Activities Cool for Your Tween

Your tween needs something to do after school other than sit in front of the television. What can you do to keep an active little brain occupied once school is out?

How to Stay Involved with Your Tween Without Hovering

They're called "helicopter parents," and their hovering behavior does more harm than good for a child. How do you prevent yourself from falling into this trap?

10 Things Tweens Actually *Want* to Do After School

Maybe you'd prefer your tween to clean his or her bedroom or pick up a wholesome hobby like knitting or reading. But what does your tween really want to do after a long day at school?

10 Things Tweens Actually *Like* To Do After School

Tweens can be a finicky bunch. Your tween doesn't like sitting still in class, but all she wants to do after school is veg out in front of the TV. Inspire your tween to get out there and make the most of her day with these 10 after school activities.

How to Get Kids Excited for After-school Tutoring

Tutoring doesn't have to be a total bore. If you choose the right instructor and emphasize the positive benefits of tutoring, your kids will look forward to after-school tutoring appointments.

10 Great After-school Activities for Tweens

There's more to life than television and video games. Extracurricular activities for tweens promote learning, offer new social opportunities, and help kids understand how the things they learn in school work in the real world.