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Party Tips and Tricks

Party tips and tricks always come in handy. And when you do have an idea for a birthday party, it's often been done by one of your kids' classmates. In this section we'll explore some great birthday party ideas and how you can pull them off.

5 Useful Tips for Gala Event Planning

Planning an event can take a lot of work, but planning a gala means 10 times the amount of effort. We'll help you get started with some useful tips to consider.

10 Tips for Sustainable Event Planning

Sustainable event planning means more than recycling waste and serving organic food. See 10 tips for sustainable event planning to learn more. See more »

5 Technology Devices Used for Event Planning

Technology devices can come in handy when used for event planning. Take a look at five technology devices that are great for event planning. See more »

10 Tips for Musical Event Planning

Musical event planning involves many choices on event size, style and budget. See 10 tips for musical event planning to have a great event. See more »

5 Ways to Use Social Media for Event Planning

Using social media for event planning can be a great option. See five ways to use social media for event planning to get tips and ideas. See more »

10 Tips for Being a Good Toastmaster

Being a toastmaster is a big honor, and you want to do the toasted proud. Here are 10 tips for being a good toastmaster to make your toast memorable. See more »

5 Tips for Small Business Event Planning

Small business event planning can help raise awareness of your brand. See five tips for small business event planning. See more »

5 Useful Tips for Gala Event Planning

Gala events typically involve more work and additional details than planning other events. See these five useful tips for gala event planning to learn more. See more »

5 Tips for Planning Career Fair Events

Career fairs are great for bringing job hunters and employers together. See these five tips for planning a career fair for a successful event. See more »

5 Tips for Fashion Show Event Planning

Fashion show event planning can include finding a location and raising money for a charity. See these tips for fashion show event planning to get started. See more »

How does virtual event planning software work?

Virtual event planning software takes planning away from spreadsheets and hand-written notes. Get tips and information for using virtual event planning software. See more »