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10 Theme Ideas for Events

You know it's a country-western party if it takes place in a barn.
You know it's a country-western party if it takes place in a barn.
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Round up friends and family and ask them to dust off their cowboy hats and boots in preparation for the country-western event of the year. A newly engaged couple might enjoy a western-themed event for their engagement party -- or even their wedding reception! Bales of hay and sawdust will lend a more casual feel to the ceremony, and spacious country venues, like a farm or barn, can easily accommodate a large guest list.

Aside from couples getting hitched, any other adults that like to square dance might want to reserve this theme for a milestone birthday party. Before the candles are blown out, guests can enjoy country music, line dancing and maybe even take a wild ride on a rented mechanical bull! Provide everyone with farm-fresh veggies, an assortment of barbecued meats, a choice of pies, and you can serve punch from a large copper washtub into Mason jars. Depending on the formality of the event, you could hire a bartender to serve classic ales and other alcoholic drinks -- just make sure the cowboys and girls drink responsibly to prevent any saloon brawls.

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