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Top 10 Pirate Birthday Party Ideas

Make Pirate Flags
Have each of your mini-pirates make a pirate flag.
Have each of your mini-pirates make a pirate flag.

Pirate flags are a fun craft for your little swashbucklers and can also double as a takeaway party favor. Visit your local craft store and purchase:

  • Felt fabric in a variety of colors
  • Safety scissors
  • Sticky letters
  • Fabric glue
  • Marker pens or fabric paint
  • Chopsticks or wooden dowels

Pre-cut the felt into flag shapes, and also leave enough leftover pieces so the kids can use them to make their own decorations. Set up all the craft supplies on a plastic- or newspaper-covered table, and make sure there's enough for everyone. Encourage your pirates to be creative and make personalized flags. After they're finished, set them aside, so the kids can take them home at the end of the party.