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5 Fresh Ideas for Hosting Brunch

Serve Quiche
Quiche is the perfect food to serve for brunch.
Quiche is the perfect food to serve for brunch.

Buy a carton of eggs, and marry various ingredients -- usually a combination of meats and cheeses -- to make a decadent quiche for your next brunch gathering. This simple dish can be as rich as you choose, depending on whether you use heavy cream or skim milk, and it can be served with or without a crust. Add vegetables for a healthy twist, like spinach or broccoli, and include onion and garlic in the mixture for added flavor. Practically any way you slice it, quiche is a winning choice for a stress-free brunch. Prepare the dish the day before your event, refrigerate, and reheat it in the morning before guests arrive. Don't worry; no one will know the difference!

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