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Now that the wrapping paper has been tossed and the tinsel vacuumed away, it's time to undress your lovely Christmas tree and recycle appropriately. Goodbye forever, tree!

But, wait. Did you know you can hang onto some of your tree's branches for a little DIY craft project? It's used to holding your ornaments; now, let it hold your jewelry. Centsational Girl offers a neat jewelry-stand tutorial, and we're sharing this project idea below.

How to turn your Christmas tree's branches into a jewelry stand

1. Select a good branch. Look for a sturdy one with plenty of smaller branches connected to it. Nothing too cumbersome though, as you don't want it to tip over.

2. Let it dry. Unless you lucked out with a rented tree this year, you're working with a dead tree, it should be fairly dry already. Remove all needles, and if needed, allow to continue drying for 24 hours.

3. Build a base. Depending on your Christmas tree, you may even be able to use part of the trunk for this purpose. This one requires power tools, so refer to Centsational Girl's base-building instructions. Remember to address seams in your wood, and fill in using spackle or wood filler.

4. Find the center of your base. Drill a hole in it, and test its depth with your branch (to ensure the branch will stand on its own). Remove your branch, fill hole with wood glue.

5. Place your branch inside the hole. Allow to dry for 24 hours.

6. Primer your base and branches. This helps seal the wood, and creates a good surface for your paint to stick to. Allow it ample time to dry.

7. Spray paint your branches in whatever color you desire. (Make sure your stand is placed on a safe-to-paint area first, like newspaper). You can put a lot of color on, almost until it drips, but do know that you'll get quicker results by getting up close to the stand with your spray can.

8. Adorn. Lightweight jewelry pieces, like earrings, rings, and dainty necklaces are best for this stand. No chunky, metal wrist cuffs!

And in further Giving Tree-like fashion, these jewelry stands also make nice gifts. For your accessory-wearing friends, hang onto a few extra branches to use as birthday presents.