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You found a sweater in your closet that's so garish and tacky-looking that you begin to question the judgment of your former self. You'd gladly donate the sweater to the less fortunate, but you are afraid that your sweater might make them even more less fortunate. One way to dispose of the sweater is to make mittens. You could even make extra pairs of mittens and donate them to charity and increase fortune overall. This advice comes from Backwoodshome.com which has a great in-depth article devoted to turning that old sweater into some fingerless hand warmers.

Here is the quick version of their version.

1. Get a wool sweater.

2. Trace the outline of your hands on some cardboard.

3. Cut out your cardboard hand outline.

4. Lay the outline over the sweater.  Try to figure out how many mittens you can make with the pattern before you cut into the sweater.

5. Cut out the mitten patterns.

6. Sew the two halves of the mitten together. .

7. Turn mitten inside out.

8. Wear mittens.

9. Throw snowball.

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