How to Make Kids' Hats

Tie-dyed painter's caps are just one way to add your own headgear flare.

A great way for kids to display their creativity is to make their own hats. Whether it's pulling out a few markers or dumping some dye in a bucket, there are numerous ways to personalize your hats or caps.

Just as there are numerous ways to design a hat, there are different hats you can make -- there are hats, caps, and even berets to decorate. Just grab your favorite headpiece, and let's start constructing.

Follow the links below to learn how to make your own hats:

Personalized Hats

Add a little pizazz to your hats and create a fashion statement all your own.

Wild and Styled Hats

Show off your creative side with your own designs on these wild hats.

Beautiful Berets

Your friends will be saying, "Merci beaucoup" once you show them how to make these beautiful berets.

Playful Painter's Caps

Mix your favorite tie-dye colors, and dip painter's caps in the dye bath to create fanciful, colorful designs.

Puffy Paint Caps

Celebrate funky flowers and slithery snakes with painter's caps illustrated with puffy paint.

Keep reading to learn how to personalize your hat.

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